Perfect Fit - Recessed Cavities

Perfect Fit – Recessed Cavities

Introducing the DEL Motorized Solutions Perfect Fit series. Perfect Fit Drapery Track and Roller Shade cavities takes a holistic approach to window treatment concealment. If attention to detail is your pursuit, then Perfect Fit is your solution!

Solutions for Roller Shades

Perfect Fit mud in cavities have been designed to create crisp, clean, straight lines to any recessed shade application. As illustrated on the right-hand side, far too often we find imperfections in construction, which is then emphasized when a standard flap and hanger or recessed pocked is installed.

The Perfect Fit system incorporates integrated mud flanges to provide a perfect finish every time.

Solution for Roller Shades

Mud in Pocket (MIP)

  • The integrated bracket eliminates the need to install the sub bracket.
  • No leveling of flaps and hangers to match the ceiling line. The hanger is integrated into the pocket extrusion.
  • Mud in Pocket pre-made Inside and Outside corners connect and are seamless once mud in.
  • Mud in End Caps ensure every opening is finished square.
  • Mud in Pocket was designed modular, allowing the pocket to be disassembled so that it can be cut without the need to use a large saw.

Mud in Hanger (MIH)

  • No leveling of flaps to match the ceiling line. The hanger is integrated into the extrusion.
  • Mud in Hanger’s pre-made Inside and Outside corners connect, and are seamless once mud in.
  • By using the Perfect Fit MIH return corners, a 90-degree squared edge is assured.
Mud in Hanger Image
Hanger Right image
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Solution for Drapery Tracks
Drapery Track Cavity (DTC)

  • Ensure a clean finish to the ceiling line with attention to detail.
  • Seamlessly connect cavities to achieve any width required.
  • Motor and idle ends are contoured to fit the track manufacturer’s shape.
  • Perfect Fit DTC allows for a true, uninterrupted floor to ceiling drapery.
Solution For Drapery Tracks
Drapery Right image
Drapery Right image
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